Benvenuti in Bottega 1964

Welcome to Bottega 1964, the Made in Italy luxury linen atelier

luxury duvet covers Bottega 1964 was born within the Lisolastore family, a new online atelier with a strong sartorial vocation for luxury linen for the home. The best Italian textile manufacturing is expressed in its highest forms of elegance and quality.

In this boutique, only the most precious fabrics and materials find space , coming from all over the world and worked according to the tradition and know-how of Italian textile art.

The legacy and fundamental value of Lisolastore, customer care remains the cornerstone of Bottega 1964: from the discovery to the purchase of the product, the journey inside the Bottega is a dreamlike experience of sartorial attention , in which the suggestions of each individual can take shape into something unique and totally customized .

Luxury linens for a dream bedroom

Today, in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, where every experience is shared and displayed, the "private" has become the ultimate expression of contemporary luxury . And what's more private, intimate and personal than the world of dreams, in which we immerse ourselves by resting our heads on the pillow?

That's why Bottega 1964 is an atelier full of wonders, dedicated to accompanying you with elegance into your private dream world : luxury linens to discover, explore, make your own and personalize. A journey that begins and ends with a dream : ours, to help you create an elegant, unique and comfortable environment , and yours , when you fall asleep in the bedroom you've always wanted.

luxury bedroom

The best cottons in the world and precious materials: the Bottega 1964 compass

better cottons

Inside Bottega 1964 you will find products with an exclusive design made with sartorial care and top quality materials : natural, hypoallergenic and selected from the best and most precious raw materials available on the market. Cotton is Bottega's main fabric: far from being “common”, it is presented in extremely refined workmanship, with weaves that can count up to a thousand threads per square centimeter (1000TC) .

Valuable not only as a fabric but, originally, as a fiber . You will find the most refined varieties of cotton , coming from distant and exotic places, which have a staple with extra-long fiber filaments, the so-called " extra-long staples cottons " (ELS), renowned for the natural resistance, compactness and longevity of the yarn obtained from it: Supima cotton , Sea Island and Giza .

The duvets , another flagship product of Bottega 1964, are also made with extremely precious raw materials, starting from the padding. Not only pure virgin goose down , but also eider down : a rarity and a jewel of luxury linen.

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