Collection: Fazzini Atelier

For 45 years, Fazzini has been investing in the experimentation of raw materials, in local manufacturing and in stylistic research to create unique collections of great value. Fazzini is one of the best-known Italian brands abroad, a leader in the production of home textile collections and fine fabrics, which are a symbol of the high quality of Made in Italy .

With the Atelier collection , Fazzini expresses the highest level of its experience and of a consolidated style, made up of a know-how that combines craftsmanship and tradition with a modern and sophisticated look .

Fazzini Atelier. Precious fabrics, sartorial finishes and a tribute to Milan

Atelier is a luxury line with attention to the smallest details, made with fine fabrics and sartorial finishes that make it a unique collection of its kind.

It is also a tribute to Milan : its architecture, its constantly evolving neighborhoods, its works of art and its infinite souls, from the Gothic to the avant-garde, in a unicum that comes to life in the embroidered fabrics and discreet luxury of Fazzini .