Sea Island: The Luxury of Cotton

Rare and exotic, like a treasure hidden under the white Caribbean sand, Sea Island comes from the West Indies, the most precious cotton in the world. Discovered at the beginning of the 18th century by English colonists in their expansion towards the east, today the production of Sea Island is concentrated in the Caribbean area, mainly Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica. It represents 0.006% of global cotton farming.

This cotton has ELS fibers (Extra Long Staple), the longest in the world, which make it extremely resistant, soft and uniform. Sea Island is all the more precious as it is produced in small quantities and subjected to extremely high quality control standards. Of the 110 million bales of cotton produced each year worldwide, only 130 are Sea Island cotton. WISICA (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association) monitors and guarantees the purity and quality of every single kilogram of Sea Island on the market. The perfect structure of the yarn, its traceability and the verified quality of each production phase are certified by the holographic label affixed to each product made of Sea Island cotton.

Silky and resistant, Sea Island maintains its exceptional qualities for years, without ever losing its brilliance and softness, even after long use and numerous washes, which indeed regenerate the fabric. A precious material, reserved for high-end textile products, which offers a luxurious aesthetic, enhancing pure, candid and luminous colors and the most refined sartorial details.

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