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Bottega 1964 products stand out for the exclusive use of fine materials and the artisanal care with which they are packaged. However, just like any valuable object, they require special dedication to maintain their elegance over time.
Although it is possible to wash most of our products in the washing machine following the instructions on the label, to obtain optimal results that guarantee the longevity of the product it is best to follow some precautions.

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  • Always wash your clothes before use , fine fabrics are usually not pre-washed so it is important to carry out this step at home to allow the threads to fix and ensure greater durability over time;
  • Always opt for the delicate cycle ;
  • Separate whites and coloreds and also light colors from dark ones. Whites should be washed in hot water; colored ones in cold water;

  • Use only liquid detergents without bleach, reducing the recommended amount in half;
  • Do not use fabric softener , it covers and tires the fibers of the fabric;
  • Treat every stain before putting the clothes in the washing machine, do not use bleach;
  • Also separate the garments by type of fabric , above all avoid washing fine fabrics with others containing polyester or applications such as buttons, zips or rivets;
  • Items with particular decorations must be washed inside pillowcases or washing machine bags;
  • Don't put too many items in the washing machine .

Attention! Do not dry clean linen or cotton items, this type of washing is only recommended for fibers such as cashmere, merino or alpaca wool.


  • Hang the clothes outdoors , if possible, in addition to avoiding annoying creases, the sun will also have a whitening effect;
  • Gently shake the items and smooth out the creases before placing them in the dryer;
  • Do not use dryer sheets , the chemicals they are coated with can melt with the heat and stick to fabrics and also create problems for the machine filter;
  • Use only low temperatures , with heat the fibers tend to tire and shrink;
  • Do not put too many items in the dryer ;
  • Remove items from the dryer as soon as the cycle has finished while they are still slightly damp. Smooth them out and let them air dry before storing
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  • Always check that the iron is clean , mineral residues could accumulate on the soleplate causing dark spots during ironing;
  • Iron the garments when they are still slightly damp , this facilitates the removal of creases and avoids damage if the fabric is too dry;
  • Spray a little water on stubborn creases;
  • Consider the fabric before starting to iron : cotton requires lukewarm or slightly hot temperatures, while linen can tolerate hot ones well, but not excessively. Furthermore, it is essential to differentiate between the different weaves, so as not to ruin the satin and the jacquard irons the reverse; garments with embroidery must first be placed inside out on a soft towel; and, finally, for fabrics with delicate decorations such as lace it is recommended to use a protective cloth between the iron and the garment itself, to avoid damage

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Care of bedding products

  • Always wash clothes before use;
  • Don't use fabric softener;
  • Always use three sets of bedding in rotation;
  • Don't sleep with jewelry , watches or other accessories that could damage fabrics while you sleep;
  • Remove make-up , sunscreen and other skincare products before sleeping as these can react to the fabric dye and damage it;
  • Store the items in dry and well-ventilated places , away from sunlight, if possible wrapped in white cotton (you can use old pillowcases). Avoid using plastic bags which can yellow or permanently stain fabrics;
  • Be careful when changing the sheets , never pull them by the hems or laces, they could be irreparably damaged.

Care of kitchen products

  • Always wash similar with similar , whether it's colors or materials;
  • Store tablecloths rolled around cardboard tubes or hung to avoid creating unsightly creases;
  • Store the items in dry and well-ventilated places , away from sunlight, if possible wrapped in white cotton (you can use old pillowcases). Avoid using plastic bags which can yellow or permanently stain fabrics

Care of bathroom products

  • Avoid using fabric softeners, as they reduce the absorbency of cotton fibers and can damage towels;
  • Use medium-low temperatures for drying;
  • Smooth towels by hand before folding and storing;
  • Do not iron .