Collection: Goddess Luxury

The greatest ambition of Dea Mantellassi, founder of Dea Luxury Linens , has always been to produce the best linen in the world. The company, with its textile workshops located in the splendid setting of the Tuscan countryside and a team of experienced craftsmen and designers , is the world's leading brand in the production of luxury linens for the home and the excellence of Made in Italy .

Dea Couture line: the ultimate expression of luxury

With the Couture Line , Dea Luxury opens a new path towards excellence: the ultimate expression of luxury , the best in terms of fabric, patterns and sartorial details.

Dea's greatest result is having kept the Tuscan artisan tradition alive and flourishing: embroideries, lace and fine workmanship, all made by hand, are the result of a know-how handed down from generation to generation, Dea has been able collect this legacy of talents , cultivate and enhance it, transforming it into one's own stylistic code recognized throughout the world for style, elegance and refinement.

Inspirations: art and nature

Art and nature are a great source of inspiration for each of the products in the Dea Couture line. With their workshops nestled in the hills of the Chianti region, among villas and vineyards, castles and churches, it is as if a little of that beauty flows directly into Dea's creations. Here then is that the inlays on flounces and ruffles interpret the classic and clean lines of Florentine Renaissance-style architecture, such as the sinuous volutes of the Basilica del Santo Spirito. While floral embroideries and naturalistic patterns evoke the idyllic gardens of Tuscan villas, populated by brooms and surrounded by romantic pergolas covered by cascading wisteria.

Dea's Couture Line translates into its own language, made of fine fabrics and skilled workmanship , the legacy of an idea of ​​art and beauty untouched by time and that knows no shortcuts. An ancient heritage of style and elegance that looks to the future with pride and enterprise.