Collection: Cinelli

Masters since 1864 in the creation of products in real goose down, Cinelli is a proudly Made in Italy brand. Its adventure began under the guidance of Silvano Cinelli, its founder, and since then the guiding star for the company's course has been innovation.

An adventurous journey on the route of innovation

Over the years, Cinelli has been a virtuous example of that initiative and experimentation that distinguish the leading brands in their sector: new solutions, techniques and materials, but also the possibility of applying their artisan tradition to other areas and products.

In fact, Cinelli down jackets have also taken shape in Italian sports outerwear, renowned throughout the world, with top-level design and efficiency performance. In the '70s, the first Italian expedition to Antarctica wore Cinelli down jackets, capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures of those places, where the thermometer can even reach -60°C.

Made in Italy pride

Cinelli promotes and celebrates the culture of feathers : an artisan tradition and a wealth of knowledge that enhance and hand down all the natural qualities and properties of goose feathers. This wealth of knowledge is precious and essential for experimenting effectively and consciously.

The entire production cycle is carried out internally by Cinelli, ensuring complete and in-depth monitoring of each phase and of the quality of the products.