Supima: World's Finest Cotton

Obtained from the Gossypium barbadense plant, Supima is considered one of the softest and most resistant cottons ever. Its fibers are extremely long, at least 34ml, which is equivalent to 35% more than the fiber of common cotton. These, called “ ELS fibers ” ( Extra-Long Staples ), give Supima cotton extraordinary softness and resistance. Furthermore, ELS fibers have a superior pigment retention capacity, guaranteeing the nuances of the yarn a lasting brilliance.

Supima cotton has distinctive features: it is intrinsically softer and more resilient than common cotton, thanks to the longer and more elastic fibres; these qualities are supported and verified with certificates of authenticity, which guarantee their quality and origin.
It is one of the most precious materials and in the textile industry, preferred in the creation of luxury products . this fabric Among its best-known and most important characteristics is its resistance to wear and tear : even after years of use, it does not show signs of pilling , that unpleasant aged effect given by broken cotton fiber dots that is created on the fabric surface. Being, in fact, less prone to micro injuries than the yarn which show the age of the product, Supima cotton is a luxurious , refined and long-lasting fabric.

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Charm SUPIMA® Percale

The craftsmanship of Italian master weavers meets the superior quality of American Supima cotton. Made entirely in Dea's laboratories in the Chianti region, Fascino SUPIMA® is a very refined 600 thread count percale , made from 100% Supima cotton . In this fabric, with a delicate and elegant touch, all the superior qualities of the raw material are enhanced and take shape in the luxurious lines of bedroom linen. Supima cotton percale duvet covers and sheets are among the most refined products in the home textile panorama.

Gorgeous SUPIMA® Sateen

This 600-thread satin is made entirely with Supima cotton , grown in the USA and skilfully worked by Italian artisans, strong in the Tuscan textile tradition and manufacturing, known throughout the world. From the Dea laboratories, Splendido SUPIMA® Sateen is a precious fabric, which gives brightness to the whites and enhances the embroideries that embellish the products. The touch of satin, silky and light, offers an experience of incomparable luxury and comfort, remaining fresh and delicate on the skin.

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