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Each person, each dream is a story in itself, which is why in Bottega 1964 craftsmanship is both a fundamental value and a tool for giving shape to everyone's vision. Inside Bottega 1964, it is possible to give your personal touch to a single product, adding details and tailoring on request.

  • Monograms

    An embroidered monogram is a touch of style. With a personalized design intertwining your initials, it will be like putting your signature on your clothes.

  • Embroidery

    A particular design for an embroidery, or an unobtainable application, alive only in your imagination? Thanks to the art of our designers, a dream will come true.

  • Tailored

    With sartorial care and precision, each product can be made to measure according to your needs.

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To give shape to your projects, the professionalism and experience of our experts is made available to you within a Dedicated Consulting process: product customization, tailor-made cuts and designs, but also advice on materials and combinations. Rely on a service that has no equal in the world of online shopping.

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