Fazzini Atelier: la biancheria per la casa di lusso ispirata a Milano

Fazzini Atelier: luxury home linen inspired by Milan

Milan is a city rich in history, art, culture and architecture, a metropolis that has been able to transform itself over time and become an international point of reference for design, fashion and luxury. This is the city that inspired the luxury home linen collection "Fazzini Atelier", which expresses the highest level of experience and style of Fazzini, an Italian company that has been a leader in the textile sector for 45 years, founded in 1976 in Milan.

Fazzini Atelier, the collection

Sforzesco Castle - Milan

The “Fazzini Atelier” collection is an exclusive and prestigious line, inspired by the multifaceted soul of Milan: a dynamic, modern and cosmopolitan city, which has always been able to anticipate trends and innovations in the fields of design, fashion and luxury.

The collection is made up of twelve proposals, six worked in jacquard and six in 300TC cotton satin, each dedicated to a symbolic place in Milan, which represents its character and personality.

The lines, artistic inspiration and timeless luxury

Bottega1984 hosts some of the most representative lines of Fazzini's Atelier collection, an expression of this Made in Italy excellence which not only tells of a precise artistic intention in stylistic research, but also an avant-garde taste in the experimentation of raw materials.

  • 300TC Cotton Satin Sheet Set with Scalloped Macramé - Castello Castello : celebrates the monumental architecture of the Sforza fortress through a refined macramé lace that embellishes the edge of the garments in the collection, evoking the scalloped profile of the walls and towers of the Castle of Milan.
  • Bicocca : a double flounce embellishes the Bicocca Line by Fazzini Atelier, combining seasonal colors with solid white. The Percale workmanship at 250 threads per square inch is made with Pima cotton, a fine fabric that allows you to obtain the very delicate and elegant angel skin effect.
  • La Maggiolina : inspired by the art nouveau atmospheres and the gardens overflowing with life that make their way among the villas of the Milanese neighborhood of the same name. A delicate pattern of flowering branches and birds is expressed in soft shades of blue, pink and nougat, in an all-over print that recalls a breath of vitality and nature in the urban environment.
  • Isola : inspired by the neighborhood of the same name in Milan, born between the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, defined in the spaces delimited by the railway and the two stations: Garibaldi to the south and the metro stop to the north, Zara . Boundaries that are represented in the Fazzini Atelier collection with the characteristic contrasting embroidered cords: parallel lines, the tracks that surround and isolate the neighborhood.
  • Cenacolo : characterized by a refined double hemstitch, a process that requires a very precise and aesthetically sophisticated unthreading and embroidery process, which creates a perforated effect along the edge.

Also part of the line are unique pieces from collections with peculiar workmanship, such as the Excelsior Sheet Set , made of very refined 1000TC cotton satin, or the City Life Duvet Cover Set , which in its geometric print expresses the most modern and imaginative soul of Milan.

The best fabrics and fine workmanship, for timeless luxury

Reversible 600TC Cotton Satin Duvet Cover Set with Piping - City Life

The fabrics used for the collection are of the highest quality, made with natural fibers such as Egyptian cotton and linen, which guarantee softness, resistance and comfort. The finishes are taken care of down to the smallest details, with embroidery, lace and borders that give a touch of class and elegance. White, pearl grey, pink and dove gray are the colors used to give charm, purity and romance to the entire collection.

“Fazzini Atelier” is not a simple collection, but a true work of textile art, which tells the beauty and personality of Milan through shapes, lights and atmospheres. It is a collection designed for those who love discreet and sophisticated luxury and do not want to give up living a unique and unrepeatable experience with taste and class.

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