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Pillowcase in 600TC Supima Cotton Satin - Renaissance

Pillowcase in 600TC Supima Cotton Satin - Renaissance

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The Renaissance pillowcase is in precious Splendido Supima Sateen : the 600TC Cotton Satin made by the artisans of Dea with pure Supima Cotton . It is also framed by 4 sumptuous ruffles.

The pillowcase is characterized by a complex frame of perforated lines , handmade using the unthreading and hemstitch technique, which cross at the corners forming a geometric weave with a classic and Renaissance taste. Hand-embroidered polka dots in the corner squares add a precious element to Renaissance's sophisticated look.


600TC Supima Cotton Satin


Pillowcase with 4 frills:


The Renaissance Collection is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and precision, a jewel of the Dea Luxury line. Characteristic of this collection is the processing, made entirely by hand, of a frame of perforated lines that recall the marble and monumental architectures of the Florentine Renaissance. Each line is carefully drawn onto the fabric and then, using the unthreading technique, the corresponding thread is removed from the fabric. The threads perpendicular to the unthreading, left uncovered, are taken up by the craftsman with a hemstitch, which creates the minute perforated effect, ensuring in the meantime the compactness of the fabric itself. These series of six parallel lines run along the perimeter of the garments and meet in the corners, creating a grid that recalls the coffered ceilings of Renaissance palaces and, in alternating squares, is embellished with a meticulously hand-embroidered polka dot.


With the Couture Line, Dea Luxury opens a new path towards excellence: the ultimate expression of luxury, the best in terms of fabric, models and sartorial details. Art and nature are a great source of inspiration for each of the products in this line, which translates an idea of ​​timeless beauty into fine fabrics and skilful craftsmanship, which knows no shortcuts, a legacy of the Tuscan artistic tradition. Lace and inlays evoke the luminous architecture of the Florentine Renaissance, while the embroidered floral patterns reproduce the idyllic atmospheres of the Tuscan gardens and countryside.

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