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300TC Cotton Satin Duvet Cover Set with All Over Embroidery - Argentario

300TC Cotton Satin Duvet Cover Set with All Over Embroidery - Argentario

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The Argentario Duvet Cover Set is characterized by the all-over embroidery which reproduces the elegance of branches and vines throughout the duvet cover, standing out on the precious 300TC cotton satin .

The embroidery , created by master craftsmen in Dea's Tuscan workshops, expertly alternates satin stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch. The pillowcases also feature the same decoration across the entire surface and are finished along the sides with four ruffles.

Four luxurious ruffles embellish the pillowcases, while the bottom sheet it is solid color and with corners, but it is possible to request customization of the measurements and the flat product. The duvet cover bag It has a flap closure.

Each item of the set is finished with a micro bourdon in nuance: a wide decorative stitch, typical of decorations and monograms.


Cotton Satin 300 TC


- Duvet cover with flap closure 250x200 cm
- Fitted bottom sheet 170x200x30 cm
- Pillowcases 50x80 cm (+ 4 Volants)
On request bottom sheet


The Argentario collection is inspired by the twists and turns of the vegetation in romantic Italian gardens: botanical architectures conceived for the first time in the parks of Florentine palaces and villas.
The embroidery is given by the combination of different types of stitch, which emerge as fine reliefs on the luminous and silky whiteness of the precious 300TC cotton satin.


With the Couture Line, Dea Luxury opens a new path towards excellence: the ultimate expression of luxury, the best in terms of fabric, models and sartorial details. Art and nature are a great source of inspiration for each of the products in this line, which translates an idea of ​​timeless beauty into fine fabrics and skilful craftsmanship, which knows no shortcuts, a legacy of the Tuscan artistic tradition. Lace and inlays evoke the luminous architecture of the Florentine Renaissance, while the embroidered floral patterns reproduce the idyllic atmospheres of the Tuscan gardens and countryside.

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