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Pure Eider Light Duvet - Regina

Pure Eider Light Duvet - Regina

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The Regina Light Duvet, made with Virgin Eider Down by Kauffmann, is a noble product, a true blue blood in the world of duvets. It is made in Batista Cotton 250TC: extra fine, double stitching on the sides and a finish that gives an ultra soft touch.
The packaging made with fixed closed square quilting allows each square to be perfectly isolated, avoiding the annoying leakage of the feathers.

Composed of a low layer of padding, its thermoregulatory performance is 2 Heat Points (equivalent to a Kauffmann Star). This means that the Regina Light Duvet is suitable for both the autumn and spring period. It is advisable to use it in heated rooms or in which the temperature does not drop below 21°C.


Icelandic virgin eider down

Down filled comforter

The Icelandic Eider Down is a very precious material and difficult to procure: this bird lives only in the wild and cannot be farmed. Its down, characterized in the female by the white tip and burnished streaks, mainly comes from the animal's under-chest. This wild species inhabits the whole area of ​​Northern Europe, but particularly Iceland, and nests on top of high rocky cliffs. Only once the family unit has left the nest, teams of experts recover the plumage used to protect the brood from the cold northern winds.
This explains the great value of this material, which has incomparable thermo-insulating properties: the individual duvets hook together thanks to the microscopic hooked structures, creating a cohesive blanket, incredibly soft and light.


Single: 155 x 200cm, weight: 230gr/m2
Single Extra Long: 155 x 220cm, weight: 250gr/m2
Square and a half: 200 x 200cm, weight: 300gr/sqm
Square and a half Extra Long: 200 x 220cm, weight: 330gr/sqm
Double: 250 x 200cm, weight: 370gr/sqm
Extra Long Double: 250 x 220cm, weight: 410gr/sqm


Fabric: Batista 250, 100% white cotton
Filling weight: 330gr in size 200x200cm
Quilting: fixed squares 8x10cm


Kauffmann is a German household linen brand since 1823, thanks to the merger with the Sanders company.

The brand, leader in the country's textile sector and also known internationally, stands out for the elegance, value and refinement of its products, made with meticulousness, passion and an attention to detail that is noticeable at first glance.

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    The eiderdown duvet is to be dry cleaned, contact a professional laundry.

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