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Siberian Goose Down - Platinum

Siberian Goose Down - Platinum

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The Platinum Siberian White Goose Down made by Cinelli it is a top quality product. Thanks to the hypoallergenic and heat-insulating padding of real Siberian goose down, this duvet offers different weights, from 1 heat point to 5 heat points:

  • Extra Light (1 heat point) : for heated rooms, with temperatures above 24°C .
  • Light (2 heat points) : for heated rooms, with temperatures between 21 and 24°C .
  • Medium (3 heat points) : for temperate rooms, between 18 and 21°C.
  • Warm (4 heat points): for rooms with temperatures below 18°C

The covering is in white Super Batista cotton and the duvet is made with fixed closed square quilting , with internal spacer tapes, which prevents the feathers from escaping. Each square inside is then well insulated from the others through a seam on each of the sides.

Super Batista Cotton is a fabric process born near Cambrai and takes its name from its inventor, the weaver Baptiste Cambray. This is a plain weave, produced with very thin yarns, mercerized and combed to obtain a very fine , light and breathable fabric . 


White Siberian goose down

Down filled comforter

The most valuable goose down is undoubtedly that of the Siberian goose: a protected species, which is raised with extreme care, both of the animal and of the habitat in which it lives. Precisely because it is native, the plumage of the Siberian goose has developed characteristics that allow the animal to survive and thrive even in that hostile environment with glacial temperatures.
In particular, the duvet is very voluminous and, thanks to the microscopic channels that exist between the beards, it creates thermal insulating cells with great heating power and an extremely soft touch.


Single: 155 x 215cm:
One and a half square: 200 x 215 cm;
Double: 250 x 215cm.


Lining: 100% batiste cotton 295 TC, super fine.
Packaging: in fixed closed boxes
Oekotex certified fabric
Nomite Certified duvet, suitable for people who suffer from dust allergy


Cinelli promotes and celebrates the culture of feathers: an artisan tradition and a wealth of knowledge that enhance and hand down all the natural qualities and properties of goose feathers. Masters since 1864 in the creation of products in real goose down, Cinelli is a proudly Made in Italy brand.

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    The Siberian goose down must be dry cleaned, contact a professional laundry.

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